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Gaging Stations

To obtain information on flows in the flood project system (river and bypass) please go to the California Data Exchange Center:

Copy this address to your search engine to reach the queried website.  The stations to obtain information along the flood project system are (in order of flows through the system) listed here.  Just insert the three-letter station ID at the query.

Station ID:
        SJF - San Joaquin River downstream of Friant Dam.
        GRF - San Joaquin River at Gravelly Ford.
        SJB - San Joaquin River downstream of Bifurcation structures.
        CBP - Chowchilla Canal Bypass downstream of Bifurcation structures.
        SJN - San Joaquin River at San Mateo Road.
        JBP - James Bypass upstream of San Joaquin River/Mendota Dam.
        MEN - San Joaquin River near Mendota.
        SDP - San Joaquin River near Dos Palos. 
        SWA - San Joaquin River at Washington Avenue.
        ELN - El Nido gaging station at Eastside Bypass.
        EBM - Eastside Bypass downstream of Mariposa Bypass.
        MWR - Merced Wildlife Refuge (inactive).
        BSD - Bear Creek at Eastside Canal.
        SSH - Salt Slough at Highway 165.
        SJS - San Joaquin River near Stevinson (State Hwy 165 bridge).
        FFB - San Joaquin River near Fremont Ford State Recreation Area (State Hwy 140 bridge).
        SMN - San Joaquin River downstream of Merced River confluence.

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Map of Gaging Station Locations