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The flood project responds to releases from the upstream reservoirs, so obtaining their operation during flood events is important to the flood project operation.  Upstream reservoirs we monitor are: 

Friant Dam (San Joaquin River)

Pine Flat Dam (Kings River)

Hidden Dam (Fresno River)

Buchanan Dam (Chowchilla River)

Merced Streams Group (multiple streams from "fill and spill" reservoirs in the foothills) are watched by observing the stream flows (see those locations under gaging stations).

To obtain information on releases, inflows, storage, and other pertinent information from these reservoirs, go to the California Data Exchange Center.

 The operator of Friant Dam, the US Bureau of Reclamation, provides a daily report, which can be obtained by going to : 

Lower San Joaquin River Flood Control Project Contributory Streams
Lower San Joaquin River Flood Control Project Contributory Streams


Department of Water Resources

Snow Surveys - San Joaquin Precipitation 5-Station Index Daily Report

California Snow Water Content - Daily Report

Statewide Snow Water Content - Daily Report

Current Reservoirs Conditions Top of Conservation Conditions (TOC)


US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District Website - Water Control Data System

San Joaquin River - Friant Dam, Millerton Lake (MIL) - Current Water Year